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HRC Performance Driving School is Closing

November 7, 2006

Mr. John Bondar
President CASC - Ontario Region
703 Petrolia Road
North York, Ontario.
M3J 2N6

Dear John: This letter is to inform you that the HRC Horizon Racing Club Inc. will cease to function as of December 31st, 2006. We made the difficult decision to close the Club primarily due to the low student enrollment at the annual HRC Horizon Performance Driving School over the last few years. However, we also felt that the support the School had traditionally received from CASC - Ontario Region had eroded, jeopardizing efforts to continue operations. As you know, given its not-for-profit status the Club's only reason to exist was to organize a racing school, sanctioned by CASC - Ontario Region, to replace the former CASC sponsored school. We have done this very successfully for the past 21 years.

It has been argued that a lack of advertising or marketing was the chief reason for the low attendance at the School. The reality is that the market itself has changed since the mid-1990 when Canada lost all of its major professional racing series. The development potential that these series offered to young drivers has not been replaced and the student base for racing schools has dwindled ever since.

Consider the combined student enrollment for the HRC Horizon Performance Driving School and the MCO School in the recent past has been 36 to 40 students annually. This exactly corresponds to the numbers that the HRC Horizon Performance Driving School attracted prior to the arrival of MCO onto the racing school scene and when professional racing was healthier in this country. The HRC Horizon Performance Driving School actually ran two full sessions per year on quite a few occasions. This is no longer the case. The region does not have the audience for two schools, especially organized in the same month.

The HRC Horizon Racing Club has been subsidizing operating losses at the School for each of the last 4 years and cannot afford to subsidize losses indefinitely. Regretfully, the Club and the School will be closed.

Yours truly.

Pierre Savoy President HRC Horizon Racing Club Inc.


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